“Irotoridori no Sekai (The Multicolored World)”

“Irotoridori no Sekai (The Multicolored World)”

The concept for this piece is what we are usually thinking about. 

In the hopes that through karakami, the world will be at peace and people will be happy.

With the power of ripples overflowing from the blue created by layering and combining blue, red, yellow, black, and white—a prayer for happiness.
A world that contains more than the binary relationships of right and wrong, yin and yang.
Beauty is found in the harmony created by the intermingling of things. 
That is the unique Japanese spirit rooted in its polytheistic rather than monotheistic heritage.

Since ancient times, the vortex has shown us a view of life and death, and made us feel the magical power of symbolism in opposites such as life and death, birth and demise.
This shape, which assimilates into the mysterious power of the universe, can be thought of as a ripple of energy, and surely the power generated by the series of circles will continue forever and eventually cover the world.

In the hope that through karakami, the world will find peace, and people will be happy.

Toto Akihiko

“Irotoridori no Sekai (The Multicolored World)” 30th–31st May 2009
Beautiful Breathing: Living with Karacho, volume 7 “Hamon (Ripples)” exhibition