Hoshi ni Negaiwo (Wish Upon a Star)

Hoshi ni Negaiwo (Wish Upon a Star)

At times we are frightened
At times we are anxious
We sometimes lose our way
Sometimes we go this way and that
A small thing less than the twinkle of a star
We rejoice, we mourn, we hurt… We laugh
Even though that star brings us the light from hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of light-years away

Wish upon a star… Since ancient times, and even now, that unchanged form of prayer
We must think that the pure hearts of people are remembered in this pattern
To express that form of prayer into karakami…

Oh, light
Go beyond

In hopes that through karakami the world will know peace, and people will find happiness.

Toto Akihiko

Hoshi ni Negaiwo (Wish Upon a Star)
26th–29th June 2009 Beautiful Breathing Living with Karacho volume 8 “Hoshi ni Negaiwo (Wish Upon a Star)”