Rising Dragon

Rising Dragon

A piece with the theme of a rising dragon.
I can imagine people with faith in the dragon god praying daily in front of this work.

The dragon god is manifested in this work, which depicts rising from the bottom to the top, using the tarashikomi technique to create an imagined landscape. Tarashikomi is not 100% controllable. It is born from the space between our consciousness and unconsciousness, which is what makes it so exciting and interesting. Every single action requires discernment in that moment. Modifying the existing landscape and proceeding with the production is to step into a place from which there is no return. I can’t give up, and I can’t go back to where I was. The direction, expression, and texture of the work will change dramatically depending on how you respond to the utterly unique moment in front of you.

That is why I believe that something sacred transcending human understanding dwells in my karakami. It may be subtle, but I tried something new in this piece work. I wanted to do something that, perhaps, in all the generations until now, no one has tried before. Some changes that cause innovation are obvious at a glance, but other changes are so subtle that they remain unseen until pointed out.

April 2022
Karakami Artist Toto Akihiko

Rising Dragon|Private collection