Senda Aiko was born the eldest daughter of the 11th Karacho master Senda Kenkichi, and every day as she was raised surrounded by karakami, her senses developed. At the same time, my senses were being honed through contact with nature and art, in a way that was only made possible by my embarkation on a different path. We met, and as we pass on the culture of Karacho to the world and to future generations, there is a sense of Karacho’s harmony and spirituality, passed down day by day from us with love as the 11th master couple…

There are things that Aiko has, and others she has not. There are things that I have, and others I have not.

The karakami piece “Love” was born from the mutual discovery of value and compassion in difference.

Toto Akihiko

“Love”|JR Kyoto Station at Kyoto Saryo (2010)