“Inochi (Life)”

“Inochi (Life)”

Dyed blue
Tinted in love
Blue is eternal

When I was enveloped in a peaceful blue
The color wasn’t just a color
Blue was no longer blue

The world is ephemeral and hazy
Even though life may scatter in a blur of twinkling light
Our lives, which are born in blue,
Will create the path to eternity

The glittering blue earth beneath the blue sky
Always, always connected to the world

Through karakami to world peace
And happiness for all

Toto Akihiko

26th–27th July 2009
Beautiful Breathing: Living with Karacho, volume 9 “Inochi (Life)” exhibition
In 2009, Inochi (Life) became the first ever karakami work to be exhibited in an art gallery.

“Inochi (Life)” In the collection at MIHO MUSEUM