Hoshi ni Negaiwo (Wish Upon a Star)

Hoshi ni Negaiwo (Wish Upon a Star)

Showing the foundation (roots) of patterns and writing
Ancient patterns and texts contain gods and buddhas, nature worship, and the juno that formed prayers. Karakami came to Japan from China during the Heian Period (794-1185). 
Patterns and text diverged in their evolution, developing in different directions over thousands of years until karakami emerged as a culture that would bring them together again. Realizing that it was the gods who were bringing them together in karakami, I was compelled to create this piece.
In this universe where turtles, stars, and dragons are in complete harmony, an atmosphere encompassing the chaos of dynamic and static energies was born.
This is the turtle god that changed from turtle into dragon. It is the legendary turtle dragon that rose up into the stars and became the heavenly dragon. 

Peace reigns over the land, national tranquilit
This karakami raises a prayer for world peace.

Karakami Artist Toto Akihiko

※ This piece is displayed alongside Tawaraya Sotatsu’s important cultural property “Karashijizu (Chinese Lion),” usually kept out of public view.

Hoshi ni Negaiwo (Wish Upon a Star)|Yogen-in dedicated artwork (Autumn 2010)