The flow of stillness and movement…
One blue born from the signs coming from chaos, fluctuations, ripples, sounds, lights, and shadow. 

The blue abyss of life is the same color as the mysterious world of water
Like a black hole that consumes everything
The universe that begins by unleashing all things…

“I want you to express a world, powerful with blue.”
When I was given this task, what came to mind was a vortex.
No, it would be more accurately described as a swell of energy,
And an exceptionally large one at that.

First of all, the swell.

“Mizuha” is a piece born from the desire to be with the water deity. However, this time the piece looks beyond water, to its roots.
Concentric circles and circle patterns have been around forever, and they are often depicted on decorative burial mounds, symbolizing life, death, and rebirth… they express a hope for continuity and a prayer for life and death.
At first, the power of a curse might lure, disturb or bewilder the viewer’s heart.
However, once you surrender to the space, the scenery changes, and you will eventually be enveloped in silence. There you will be able to fully sense the great universe.

Chaos and cosmos
The communication between the universe and all of us here on earth, inspired by opposites.

Karakami Artist Toto Akihiko

Mizuha|Ginza Sleep Clinic (January 2015)