“Inochi (Life)”

“Inochi (Life)”

When the golden birds
Are purified
Their pure,
Clean hearts
Are brought into the great blue.

We are honored to have our artwork displayed in the entrance hall at MIHO Institute of Aestheticsいた
Our karakami work as a married couple: “Inochi (Life)” 
The school building was designed by world-renowned architect I.M. Pei, famous creator of the glass pyramid at the Louvre. I am incredibly honored to have our karakami work used in this renowned structure.

From a quiet space I watched as birds took the flight of life into the dazzling blue.
In this godless time, I want to call the gods into the world of people through karakami.

Karakami Artist Toto Akihiko

“Inochi (Life)” MIHO Institute of Aesthetics: entrance lobby of building by architect I.M. Pei (Spring 2012)