The Tree of Space-Time

The Tree of Space-Time

Tradition is always now

Succession is about more than inheriting the past.
What better way is there to celebrate the past than to advance, looking forward to the future?
True succession involves the planting of seeds.
Only by connecting to the future can we talk about receiving and passing on traditions. 

Look to the Tenpyo Ogumo facade on COCON KARASUMA for an example of something inherited from the past. 
If you want to see an example of something being passed on to the future, see the 100 Patterns of Heisei and Reiwa project.
This work connects the patterns of the past and future with running water, offering a prayer for fertility and prosperity. 

Tenpyo Ogumo (The Great Clouds of Tenpyo) is an auspicious pattern made from a series of majestic cloud spirits, portraying fruitfulness and fertility. 
The Hyaku Monyo Mon is a legacy pattern which became the symbol of the 100 Patterns of Heisei (and Reiwa) project.
In the Tree of Life, where the power of spirals dwell, are many and diverse prayers for prosperity. The whirlpool is a symbol of change and rebirth, with 100 meaning many, like the spiritual world of karakami, where all the gods and spirits dwell. While the lower roots signify showing respect and appreciation for things we cannot see, the roots also show inheritance, tradition and history. The shape of the peach which encloses it all represents prosperity and the power to ward off evil as in the legend of Izanagi and Izanami.
A pattern that wishes for exorcism and good luck, change, rebirth, and prosperity; a pattern that prays for the inheritance of things.

Autumn 2019
Karakami Artist Toto Akihiko

The Tree of Space-Time|In the collection of the K.I. Kosan Corporation