384 Pieces: Inori no Ao (The Blue of Prayer)

384 Pieces: Inori no Ao (The Blue of Prayer)

I developed this series while focusing on how thankful I was for my relationship with karakami up to that point and envisioning my wonderful future with it. With these thoughts in mind, I poured my heart into the 384 pieces of this work and its multitude of connections.
Even though it is a work of art, it was formed by using woodblocks and patterns that have been preserved for generations, and thus in a sense it is a collaborative work by the group or brand called “Karacho.” From the people who created the designs to those who carved the woodblocks, the ones who made the karakami and those who protected and passed it all on; how many hands have worked to bring us what we have today?

And now, here we are, the magnificent team Karacho. 

Aiko and I being here right now means that Karacho is what we are meant to do.
This belief leads to happiness and dreams, which is why I adore living in the world of karakami every day.

With a heart full of gratitude and prayers for continuing the tradition of Karacho for this year, the next, and so on, I created 384 sheets of blue sky.

Toto Akihiko

384 Pieces: Inori no Ao (The Blue of Prayer)
384: Inori no Ao (The Blue of Prayer) exhibition 14th–23rd December 2008